Ten Characters I Want to Write

PeopleCharacters are a critical part of a story for me. We have all seen or read plot-driven stories where tensions are high and character development is nonexistent. While these tales may be fun, my aim is to create stories with engaging and relatable characters. 

We want characters who are new and unique, but we have to balance this desire with the knowledge that “there is nothing new under the sun.” It is interesting to see what stock characters and archetypes are used, recycled, and favored by society at different points in time. A certain character type may be reused because it is easy to write or because something about this character rings true for the audience.

Below is my current list of ten stock characters and archetypes that I want to write. None of these characters have names or stories yet, none of them have been crafted beyond basic character design, but I hope to soon flesh each of them out and find stories to make their homes in.

  1. The weary wanderer
  2. Femme fatale with depth of character
  3. The trickster
  4. The pirate
  5. The hero who fails
  6. The humble leader
  7. The anti-hero
  8. Loyal sidekick
  9. The happy old couple
  10. The lone wolf

About Tim Oldenkamp

I am fantasy writer working on my debut novel and a trilogy of short stories. My wife and I recently moved back to our native California after living in Grenoble France for three years.
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