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I am fantasy writer working on my debut novel and a trilogy of short stories. My wife and I recently moved back to our native California after living in Grenoble France for three years.

New Year and New Goals

We are already two weeks into 2017. Every January, when the year is brimming with potential, I like to set concrete goals for myself. It’s a helpful tool for pushing me to take steps toward my larger dreams, especially with … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Side Project

Today’s post departs from the normal topics of story, genre, or language to share another fun writing related project of mine. Our neighbors have a pecan tree which overhangs our yard. This time of year it drops pecans, which are … Continue reading

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Verbs for Time

We all know the power of words; they affect us every day. Our words influence others and ourselves. This is the inspiration for those of us who want to become writers; we want to use the tool of our words to … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Bestfriend

When we got our dog, Hobbit, a year ago, I was worried having a puppy would be a huge distraction from work and writing. Puppies take a lot of time: playing, walking, feeding, taking out to use the bathroom, cleaning … Continue reading

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Getting Back into Writing

We’ve all been there; life gets crazy and an embarrassing amount of time passes between our present moment and when last we were crafting our “current” work in progress. A week, a month, a year: all of it can feel like … Continue reading

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Ten Characters I Want to Write

Characters are a critical part of a story for me. We have all seen or read plot-driven stories where tensions are high and character development is nonexistent. While these tales may be fun, my aim is to create stories with engaging and relatable characters.  We … Continue reading

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Why I Write Fantasy More Than I Write Sci-fi (Part 2)

In my first post (here), I describe one of the key attributes, for me, about fantasy fiction is the emphasis on wonder and amazement. I want to further explore the nature of fantasy fiction by comparison with the genre’s sister, … Continue reading

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