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Goals for 2018

It’s already February and I am finally publishing my goals for 2018. Last year one of my goals was to write monthly blog posts on this blog, but considering that was the last blog post posted in 2017, you can … Continue reading

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New Year and New Goals

We are already two weeks into 2017. Every January, when the year is brimming with potential, I like to set concrete goals for myself. It’s a helpful tool for pushing me to take steps toward my larger dreams, especially with … Continue reading

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Sixteen Goals for 2016

Sixteen goals for 2016; this sounds ambitious but the first six are goals I did not complete in 2015. Some of the major 2015 goals I did accomplish were having three short stories professionally edited, traveling more, and blogging more … Continue reading

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Yes, You Need an Editor

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to have a story professionally edited. It is always intimidating to submit our work, something we have poured hours and emotions into, to the critique of others. We must ask ourselves … Continue reading

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Fifteen Goals for 2015

Here’s my list of fifteen things I want to accomplish in 2015. Setting tangible goals (which can be checked off to-do lists) works well for me, and when possible I made the tasks quantifiable for a clear sense of  completion (unlike “revising” a book which … Continue reading

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