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Verbs for Time

We all know the power of words; they affect us every day. Our words influence others and ourselves. This is the inspiration for those of us who want to become writers; we want to use the tool of our words to … Continue reading

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My Favorite French Classroom: La Boulangerie

When my wife and I moved to France, my ability to speak French was essentially nonexistent. I knew how to say “my name is…” (je m’appelle), “I am sorry” (je suis désolé), and the names of random zoo animals (tigre, … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Present

When we first decided to move to France I was excited; not only was this the opportunity to live in Europe which we had dreamed of, but France is the home of such delights as croissants, pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants), … Continue reading

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