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Why I Write Fantasy More Than I Write Sci-fi (Part 2)

In my first post (here), I describe one of the key attributes, for me, about fantasy fiction is the emphasis on wonder and amazement. I want to further explore the nature of fantasy fiction by comparison with the genre’s sister, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on World Creation Part 3: names and nuances

Continuing on the topic of what goes into creating a fictional world (see part 1 and part 2), how do you come up with names for places and characters? Having unusual character names is a common trope in fantasy stories; names like “Thugromri Chaosbender”, “Far’ry’n”, … Continue reading

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Thoughts of World Creation Part 2: magic as a metaphor

Continuing on the topic of world creation (see part 1.), another important subject, specifically for fantasy stories, is the existence and nature of magic. How does magic work in this world, what is its role in society, and who possesses … Continue reading

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Thoughts on World Creation Part 1: fallen history

This post begins a blog series about aspects and ingredients that go into world building. The creation of a world can be an enjoyable, and time-consuming, part of writing speculative fiction. Before any characters are chosen or journeys are decided upon, we have … Continue reading

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